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Factory immobilisers started to be fitted to cars from about 1995 and became mandatory to new cars in 1998. The most common method is to use a transponder in the key the authorise the system. The system usually consisted of a key, immobiliser unit and engine ECU. Apart from very early systems, the ECU is immobilised electronically so there is no way of bypassing it by just joining wires.

Soon the separate immobiliser box disappeared and the immobiliser function was built into another module eg ECU (Ford), instrument cluster (VW, Audi), BSI/UCH body control modules (Peugeot, Citroen, Fiat and Renault).

Manufacturers then increased security further by including other systems e.g. Vauxhall Corsa C the key, ECU, instrument cluster, BCM and immobiliser.  All have to be matched for the car to start.

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